Cindy Lass Needlepoint


I wanted to find a way to raise our awareness and vibration by taking us back into our hearts through colour and joy and allow people to connect in this way.  In this non-stop, electronic world we live in, it’s true - we ARE it would seem “connected”. However, we think too much in our heads and these communication devices in fact “disconnect” us from one another and from ourselves. 

Our heart is where our passion is and our feelings – we need to go back there... we need this energy in our heart to beat with those around us. I created and curated All Our Hearts Beat As One in response to this need and Cindy Lass Needlepoint is for me, the next step. 

I am a self-taught artist. My art is my passion, and now it’s time to share this with you. I have chosen 7 of my favourite paintings for the launch of Cindy Lass Needlepoint. I hope you enjoy stitching and creating the designs as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Each has its own story, each has its own energy... 
You really do not need any special skills to make my kits! Just the intent to take time out for yourself and connect to your heart for a moment in time. 

I sell to complete beginners and experienced stitchers alike. My goal is for our hearts to beat as one - to use our heartbeats together to change the world!

Stitch from the Heart x
Cindy xxx
— Cindy Lass

Cindy Lass

Cindy Lass burst onto the art scene twenty years ago when she was invited to contribute to an exhibition at the Ebury Street Gallery on the strength of her first painting – a vase of flowers for her mother. The exuberant colours and high voltage energy apparent in her work soon attracted the attention of other gallery owners. Her first solo exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery was a virtual sell-out, setting the pattern for her career so far. Over the years she has acquired a fan base of admiring art lovers, including celebrities such as Elton John and Victoria and David Beckham. 


All Our Hearts Beat As One

It all begins by placing your hand on your heart. It’s simple, try it please…Do you feel your heart beating? Take a moment, feel… your heart beating…  

What began as a simple idea – to get a group of people together, has evolved into 2 unique events so far at Gallery Different in London October 2016 & at The Museum of Tolerance Los Angeles 2017. 

The exhibition seeks to act as a reminder of the Quantum physics concept, that something doesn’t exist unless we observer it. Through the act of observing and recognising ourselves as ONE pumping heart feeding a single body of humanity – All Our Hearts Beat As One. Kate Winslett, Zandra Rhodes, Bill Wyman, Meg Mathews, Gail Porter, Trudi Styler, Bill Oddie, Millie Macintosh & Hugo Taylor, Jo Wood, Mary MacCarntney, Melissa Odabash, Philip Tracey, Sinitta, Stepehn Jones and many more, have all put their hearts-on-canvas supporting Cindy Lass’s unique new annual art exhibition! Watch out for dates for 2018.

Stitching Cirles

As announced in Cindy's interview on The Jo Wood show - BBC Radio 5th December 2017 - Cindy will be hosting Stitching Circles for women up and down the UK throughout 2018. Dates to be announced.