In recent years, a boom in the craft industry has been fueled by celebrity fans (including Kate Moss and Julia Roberts to name but a few). All of them taking up what has become a resurgence by pledging their love for what is fast becoming known for its stress-relieving qualities and in itself, is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can do anywhere.

So the latest trend in 'needlepoint' is here to stay as it rapidly re-establishes itself as the "go-to” hobby for the 25-35 (and upwards) in this aspiring pastime. Founder and renowned celebrity artist, Cindy Lass puts it quite succinctly:


" I was asked 20 years ago to give my artwork on greeting cards around the world but I didn’t want to do so at the time. However, there was something about needlepoint that engaged me and I was very excited to see the things it could do.


So I decided that I would like to share my paintings and my journey with everyone in this new and wonderful way and Cindy Lass Needlepoint was born. I reached out to my friends and theist down with me and we released the first of the art pieces in a simple kit to see how it went. After a gallery launch at the Art Show at Olympia it was a success immediately,


By connecting through colour and the vibration of the senses that help us relate to this fascinating craft, I found a way to raise awareness and I feel that by taking us back to our hearts through colour it allows us all to connect to each other with joy and in a new and exciting way. In this non-stop, electronic world we live in, it’s true that we are, it would seem “connected” in lots of ways. In this busy, techno world we think too much with our heads and communication devices “disconnect” us from one another and from ourselves. Our heart is where our passion is. Our feelings need to go back there and re-connect and we can find this needed energy in our heart and use it, together, to join to each other and beat as one with those around us."

Only Cindy Lass Needlepoint sells her exclusive art as creative needlepoint kits (and with this trend continuing to grow, she is already looking at hundreds of more designs to come).


So spread the love from your heart one stitch at a time and let us all beat as one from the experience.'

Love Cindy and the Cindy Lass Needlepoint Team x

* Please note that the kits that we sell here are needlepoint kits and not finished pictures or cushions. Our kits contain either a colour printed canvas or a coloured chart from which to count the design onto plain canvas and if you wish, after you have sewn it (which is simplicity itself) you can send it to us using our framing service and we will frame it and send it back to you to put up and show the world. See you soon. x

©2018 Cindy Lass Needlepoint

Sewing your way around the world one stitch at a time