So many people come to my studio and paint with me. But to be open and completely honest, that’s the time I find my inner peace and the time I do my commissions and work. However, the more people I came to know the more I found it difficult not to invite people in so, in the nicest way, that became very time consuming even though I loved spending time with them.


But I really did want so much to share the wonderful impact that creativity has had on me, using my creative side to create things. But when it comes to creating and painting my journey is not unique to me.


Because I think everyone can do it.


And so by making my paintings available in needlepoint, everyone can become a part of my journey of creating. They’re making the stitch, exploring the colour, the vibration, the energy of all those things the same as I do and by transforming it into a feeling of completion, personally, they are experiencing the same process exactly the same as I do when I create the original painting.

That was the idea of ‘All Our Hearts Beat as One.’ When I created that concept of reaching out and touching everyone with love and because I wanted to extend such a great idea into an International Day for the world, everyone around the world, from children to elderly people, in fact every sort of person, could share the one vision we all would love to share with everyone.

That we can love each other without borders or distance between us.


That 'all our hearts beat as one.'

Cindy xx