We all get excited when something new happens and we're no different when it comes to making things. We've been working on a number of new ideas for the Summer and when they are ready they will appear right here.

From cards to T shirts and special things that you can send to your loved ones, our place is buzzing with activity.

So come back to this very special place and see what's new and coming your way.

Or ask for our latest catalogue so we can send you a copy the minute it is printed. It will contain everything you need to get you sewing (whether you're a beginner or a pro) and will include more advanced kits, instructions and tips and news from the world of needlepoint. Everything you need to hone your skills and move you into sewing stardom.


Because later on in the year we will be launching a number of competitions for the best beginner and the best stitchmaster.


So start sewing and watch this space. 

Sew yours,

Cindy Lass x

Sewing your way around the world one stitch at a time