The internet has brought us some wonderful things over the years allowing us to see what we want to buy in a much easier way. Coming with the technology that allows us to do such things, while in some cases it has taken an identity from us, once thing it gives us an advantage over is buying art. Art increases in value over the years and art has such a positive energy.

All of our products are bright, happy and colourful. Like life, they reflect only the best of what we do.

And the wonderful thing is you don't need to drive a million miles looking for what you want. You can simply pick up the telephone, or jump onto your laptop, browse for the one you want, sign up to our newsletter and, when your product is ready, we will deliver it from our busy studios to your door.

Take time to have a look around. Make yourself a mug of tea (we even sell mugs in our store if you'd like a free one, order two products or more) or you can buy one for a handful of very small change.


Each one of the amazing Cindy Lass' Needlepoint products has something of a history about it. All of them unique. Unique designs originally on painted canvas now on a canvas that you can enjoy seeing into and becoming a part of.


From painting the US President's cat to stitching with Elton John or George Michael, our work is thoroughly unique and full of vibrant energy.

Our instructions have been carefully designed to provide you with everything you need (we even accessorise your craft so you won't lose a needle or a pair of scissors while you work. Our bright blue magnets are such a great idea!

You can not only order from anywhere in the world from your University dorm at Stanford to a little village up in the Cotswolds. We can ship anywhere provided you are willing to have it sent there. Order something like our ALL OUR HEARTS BEAT AS ONE creation and we will send you a special gift. As well as sending the proceeds to Cindy's very special charity.

Each of our products not only comes packaged in its own Cindy lass Needlepoint 'designer' bag (which is great for shopping around town with (and is vibrant and fresh like a Spring day).


Our Cindy Lass Needlepoint kits also come with everything you need, Appleton's threads, needle and canvas and also gift-wrapped so if you want to send one as a gift for someone you can.

All over the world we are sending people the love with Cindy lass latest creations and she is painting more while we write this so come back to our site from time to time or press our SUBSCRIBE button and we will keep you informed.

So join celebrities in the new sewing craze as it gathers pace and jump on social media and tell the world. Kate Moss and Julia Roberts are all taking up what has become something of a new wave. All of them pledging their love for what is fast becoming known for its stress-relieving qualities and in itself, is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can do anywhere.

So click a few buttons, choose the creation that you like the most and then get going and sew your heart out with me.

You will never look back. That's a promise.

With love and warmth.

Sincerely yours,

Cindy Lass. xx

We are in the final motions of designing our mobile app so by the time you are reading this we will be well on the way to making it possible for you not only to learn more and connect with the world of needlepoint in a very new and exciting way but also to order online, check your account and see what Cindy Lass is up to in the world of art. Watch this pace.

Sew Creative. Sew CINDY LASS