Limited Spaces



10.30am - 3.30pm

When a group of friends get together, something very special happens and it is from such meetings that we learn to connect with one another. To help each other, supporting each other’s greater skills and sharing experiences, feelings and relationships is all part of growing our community.


Come and join us and receive a Cindy Lass Needlepoint Original for only £60 for the day!

We will be serving tea and coffee and a light, 'bring and share' lunch is also available.

This will be a small and intimate (and definitely fun) day out in London with an experienced needlepoint teacher.

You will be able to take your kit home afterwards to keep on stitching and you can keep in touch with us via our Sewing Circle for any further tips and tricks to help you complete your work of art.

You can even choose from three of CIndy Lass' originals; 'Hank', 'Socks' or 'Lily'.


So come along, stitch to the beat and sew your heart out.


Cindy Lass x

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