Sew nice to see you

March 8, 2018


Hi everyone.


You know its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. And before the hectic dashing around last Christmas we decided to engage the creativity of Kokoe and set about creating not only a new look for Cindy lass Needlepoint but are also working with them on lots of very new and exciting ideas to come.


Watch this pace...




Our Cindy lass Needlepoint kits are only the start of thing to come. There are lots more things on the way so I hope you've pressed that 'subscribe' button because Cindy lass Needlepoint will be giving thing away lots of fun in the months to come.


As I write to bring you news of not only what is happening in the world of Cindy lass Needlepoint but to also keep you up to date with what is going on please watch this space.


What a fascinating world the world of sewing is. Did you know that Napoleon actually sewed a heart for his love, Josephine? Yes, its true, you can see it in the Louvre in Paris. He wrote: “I awake filled with you. Your portrait and yesterday's intoxicating evening left no repose for my senses. Gentle, incomparable Josephine, what a strange effect you have on my heart!”


And when it comes to hearts, don't forget our 'All Our Hearts Beat as One' creation you can buy in our shop to remind you of the special reason I created the piece. Because I hold in my heart for you a desire to see every heart like yours in the world beat as one. In peace. In love.


And in sharing with one another.

Now for something exciting. When it comes to hearts there is no comparison to the hearts of those that love to sew. And the world is full of celebrities, many of whom love the art of sewing. Take Kate Moss for example, she is one of many who profess a love to sew things.


Here are 10 surprising celebrities who can sew, (including 3, very well known, famous men, yes MEN - And while I think about it, I think that men need to sew. It keeps your finger dextrous and the circulation flowing and helps to relive stress. (You can also see the proof by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page).


Katherine Heigl. I bet you never knew that Katherine Heigl loves to sew? She has been spotted in several magazines and newspapers talking about her love of the art.  There have been pictures of her shopping for fabric and choosing a sewing machine. Even Tom Cruise bought her a sewing machine for her birthday.


Gwen Stefani. Queen of cool Gwen says that sewing runs in her family. Her grandmother and mother both sew and when she was older she was very much into making her own clothes.  She has 2 successful clothing lines; L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers.


Chris Martin. I bet you didn’t know that Chris Martin of Coldplay loves sewing! Its true. He and his fellow band members apparently love sewing their own clothes and creating. He said: 'It gives us some control over our visual identity.' Oh, sew music!


Britney Spears. While on tour in Sweden in 2011 Britney tweeted a picture of herself having a sewing lesson from her wardrobe staff.  Whether she continued sewing after that lesson has not been covered in the media, but she obviously has the capability to needle away while she sings.

Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is another lady who has been taking sewing lessons, making cushions for her twins, and trousers for her husband Danny. Taking up new hobbies including sewing she says: 'stops my brain from turning to mush' as she gets older. Its true. Sewing requires the use of  brain power as well as fingers because it improves hand-eye co-ordination accuracy.


George Clooney. Yes, even George came to his date's aid when her zip broke on her dress. He says he has ‘tailoring experience’ and George deftly stitched up the back of her dress with Clooney class. A stick in time. Who would have thought you could do that, George?


Eva Longoria. Evidently, ex-Desperate Housewives star Eva loves to be like a 1950's housewife in real life and professes her love of both sewing and baking. Sew you, Eva.


David Arquette. Who on earth would have thought that 'The Scream' actor and his rock star friend Ben Harper share a love of sewing? They used to run the clothing line PROPR.  He even signed up for sewing lessons.


Leona Lewis. 2006 X Factor winner has both designed and made her own clothes for her red carpet events.  She actually set up a short-lived clothing label with her boyfriend called LOA Clothing. She wears tops she designs herself and adds finishing touches to all her work that make it uniquely her signature.


Dannii Minogue. Dannii recently revelead that her sewing skills used to come in handy because she was often given Kylie's clothes and wanted to personalise them with her own signature touches.


Hilary Duff. Actress and singer Hilary is evidently ‘so into sewing’ that she has even designed a range of sewing patterns with leading pattern creators; McCalls!  From sewing Christmas presents for her family a few years ago to sewing major outfits she is currently queen of the needle and thread.


You would neve have thought that so many celebrities had picked up sewing as a pastime. But the fact is sewing is here to stay. And you should try it (if you don't already do sew).


You can have so much fun (and sew much fun) with sewing. its relaxing and inspiring, enabling you to extend your motor abilities as well as honing your skills in concentration. And more, it is known to stave off rheumatism and arthritis in the hands.


So please join me and the Cindy lass Needlepoint crew as we sew the love.


Love Cindy x




* Thanks to ‘The Sewing Directory’ for celebrity facts. 

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